• Mushroom Vermicompost
  • Mushroom Vermicompost

Mushroom Vermicompost

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Our Mushroom Vermicompost is a nutrient-dense plant food (made by worms!) for your houseplants, gardens, and all of your plant pals! We've teamed up with Brothers Worm Farm and Break It Down to produce this nutrient-rich compost and worm castings out of Central Texas food waste.

Mushrooms and worms have been working together since the dawn of time…building soil and biological communities underground, feeding root systems, sequestering  carbon and supporting the fertility for forests, fields and gardens. This mushroom worm alliance provides a foundation for natural food systems and resilient ecosystems across the planet.

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A few things you may be wondering...

How are mushroom worm castings made?
Our mushrooms are decomposers — as in they are nature's composter. Every week we deliver Brother's Worm Farm over [A TON] of "spent" mushroom substrate. They mix it up with food scraps from Break It Down Eco, let it age and decompose a bit, and the worms literally eat it up (worm dinner party!). Then… they poop it out into beautiful, organic fertilizer.

Is this good for the environment and such?

This isn't a full closed loop system (it depends on what crops are grown and a variety of other variables), but it's much more efficient and generally better for the planet. The semi-loop goes something like this:

 Food → "Waste" → Food  → "Waste" → Food → "Waste" → MEGA WORM IS BORN AND WE MUST BOW TO HIS WIGGLES.

How to use:
A little wiggle goes a long way! Worm castings are great for your houseplants, gardens and your mom's gardens, your friend's gardens.

Sprinkle into with your existing potting soil for a natural, wormy boost.