Meet our Mushrooms

You’re probably familiar with the classic button mushroom, but have you ever roasted a whole head of blue oysters? Or shredded lion’s mane for mock "crab" cakes? How about slowly smoking trumpets on a spit over an open flame? 

Our mission is to turn every person into a Mushroom Person. Not only are mushrooms simply one of the most sustainable foods you could ever eat, there is a huge variety of flavor, texture and nutrition just waiting to be discovered. Welcome to the kingdom of mushrooms (literally, fungi are a kingdom).

Prepare your palate for a whole new world of taste and texture. Meet Our Mushrooms

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Let us change your mind with mushrooms

Mushrooms have lived on this planet longer than we have. They breathe air like we do, decompose waste, and change the world around them for the better. (Not to mention they’re absolutely delicious, and good for you, too.) But right now, most mushrooms travel across the country (and sometimes the planet) before landing on your plate. At Smallhold, we’re building a mycelial-like network of small farms capable of growing gourmet mushrooms anywhere and everywhere. Read About Our Mission

We're a B Corp!

This is a huge step in our journey as a company and furthers our mission to connect people with their food, environment, and farmers. Read more about our commitment here.

Our retail partners

Yellow Oyster Mushroom

Recreating the forest floor... inside our farms

Our farms grow mushrooms in some pretty unusual spaces, everywhere from dense urban centers to your local grocery store. Learn More

Farm everywhere

Most mushrooms in the US travel thousands of miles before they reach your grocery store. Our distributed network of urban farms allows us to grow mushrooms closer to you.

Our technology

Our macrofarms and minifarms feature cutting-edge climate controls that allow us to consistently grow the best mushrooms you've ever tasted.

Community cultivators

Wherever we have farms, we engage with local creators, scientists, and other passionate mushroom people to find new ways to collaborate and grow together.

What people are saying

  • "Each year, most of America’s mushrooms are grown in one tiny corner of southeastern Pennsylvania. The majority are button mushrooms that are tossed in a styrofoam container, wrapped in plastic, and take an average of 10 days to reach store shelves. Smallhold is working to change all of that."

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  • “It’s a glimpse of the future of agriculture, further collapsing the distance between diner and ingredients, doing away with the cost and waste of packaging and transportation in hopes of alleviating pressure on an overtaxed environment.”

  • "A mushroom revolution is taking place on the grocery store shelves of Southern California: In the produce sections of markets across Los Angeles, Agaricus bisporus, commonly known as the white button mushroom, is giving way to other dazzling fungi species such as blue oyster, lion’s mane, maitake and royal trumpet… Smallhold grows mushrooms of fantastical display and scale."