Our Mushrooms

  • Blue Oyster Mushrooms

    Meaty, umami

    Sturdy, absorbent, and satisfyingly chewy, Blue Oysters can liven up anything from stir fries to pastas. They’re great with eggs in the morning or fried rice at lunch, and their texture and size make them an ideal meat replacement. Saute ‘em, roast ‘em, or grill ‘em—there’s no wrong way to enjoy ‘em.

    blue oyster mushrooms
  • Yellow Oyster Mushrooms

    Nutty, floral, lightly umami

    With deliciously snappable stems and caps that crisp when fried or roasted, these brightly colored Yellow Oyster beauties are delicate, tender, and light. Put them in almost anything to get that perfect hint of mushroom flavor, or add them to your favorite pasta dish to make it truly sing.

    yellow oyster mushrooms
  • Lion's Mane Mushrooms

    Nutty, sweet, savory

    These Lion’s Mane mushrooms are as intriguing as they are appetizing. Soft and spongy, they can be shredded, pressed into steaks, or thrown into soup like dumplings. They’re also a great substitute for crab or lobster meat, so just add them to your favorite seafood recipe to get your savory shellfish fix.

    lion's mane mushrooms
  • Trumpet Mushrooms

    Buttery, sweet

    Any way you slice it, these Trumpet mushrooms can take the heat. With thick, meaty stems and a pleasantly chewy texture, they can be cut lengthwise and sauteed, or sliced into rounds, scored, and grilled to perfection. They’re delcious on their own, or as a meat substitute in stuffings, pot-pies, and even seafood dishes like scallops. 

  • Maitake Mushrooms

    Woody, tangy

    Delicate and feathery Maitakes add an earthy richness to any meal. They’re a fine fit for stir fries, risottos, pizzas, and mushroom sauces, or simply sear them on a skillet to enjoy them with a nice crispy finish.

    maitake mushrooms
  • Shiitake Mushrooms

    Strong savory and umami flavor, lightly smoky

    With their soft, spongy caps and chewy stems, Shiitakes are versatile enough to complement any dish. When cooked, their texture ranges from delicate to meaty, which makes them ideal for everything from pot roasts to soups to cocktail infusions. 

    shiitake mushrooms

Our Mushroom Packs

  • Oyster Mushroom Pack

    This colorful kit contains our classic Yellow and Blue Oyster mushrooms. One box has all you need to supercharge your stir fry or make a stellar stew.

    mixed oyster mushroom pack
  • Umami Mushroom Pack

    This pack is chock full of rich umami flavors. Add depth to any meal with Shiitakes, and sop up all the extra goodness with some Oysters.

    umami mushroom pack with blue oyster, shiitake and trumpet mushrooms
  • Fancy Mushroom Pack

    A unique combination designed for one-of-a-kind dishes. This pack contains mushrooms we've been custom growing for chefs in Brooklyn, making it a must-try for every Mushroom Head.

    fancy mushroom pack with lion's mane, maitake and trumpet mushrooms
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