• Mushrooms are everywhere. They're ubiquitous in the worlds of fashion, art, and technology. They're taking over our social media feeds. Our tech is helping us grow them right in the grocery store or inside of our favorite restaurants. ... And now, you can even grow them in your own home.

  • We grow our mushrooms using climate-controlled, patented technology, that monitors key paramaters such as temperature, humidity, light, CO2, and oxygen. Our mushroom grow chambers mimic the forest floor so we can grow happy and delicious mushrooms.

  • We grow our mushrooms off of substrate mainly composed of sawdust, seedhulls and grains, in climate-controlled spaces. Our mushrooms are 100% USDA Certified Organic. Because we don't use dirt, you don't need to wash them before cooking.

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  • Our packaging is made of entirely compostable material, minus the window which you can pop out and place in the trash. We use plant-based inks and print directly onto our clamshells to reduce plastic. One day, we hope to be entirely plastic-free.

  • Yes! Please contact us at sales@smallhold.com

  • You can follow us on instagram: @smallhold and sign up for our monthly newsletter, the Mushroom Digest.

  • All of our spent blocks get composted by partners around the country. We also host monthly block pickup days at our farms, you can find out more if you follow us on instagram.

Grow Kits

  • Yes, this allows the mushroom to breathe while in transit.

  • Keep the block (in its bag, uncut) refrigerated for up to three weeks. Then proceed with growing instructions.

  • No worries! Gently press the block together and leave it in the fridge to rest for 3 days.

  • You can make a cut in the spot where the mushrooms are growing, continue to spray, and harvest.

  • Those are active mycelium-baby mushrooms that are starting to form pins! It is very common for these to appear outside of your cut sites. Do not make more cuts in the block to try to harvest these, as it will put your block at risk of drying out.

  • It’s okay if the mushrooms start to grow in places other than your cut sites. Keep spritzing and the mushrooms will grow towards the opening in the bag. Don’t open your bag more to get the other mushrooms! This will actually make your block sad and very dry.

  • This is a sign of lack of moisture-continue to spray around the lion’s mane more heavily (creating a microclimate).

  • This is a sign of too much moisture-remove the affected sections and try for a second flush.

  • Yes, this is just mycelium!

  • The white stuff is probably a mix of spores from the mushrooms and dust from your own space.  If that's happening, they have probably grown far enough and are ready to pick. Usually, they don't do that until they're over mature and have been ready to pick for a day or two.  Millions of spores are in the air whether you're growing mushrooms or not, one or two bags of growing mushrooms generally do not cause issues with indoor air quality.  That said, if you're sensitive to dust, you may be sensitive to mushroom spores, so clean it up and try to harvest your mushrooms a little earlier. 

  • This is a sign of lack of moisture-continue to spray more directly and heavily at the blue oysters. If they have fully dried out, you will need to cut these bits off and start a second flush. You can either continue to mist the same cut sites more intensely OR soak the block (in the bag) in water for a few hours (making sure the bag is fully submerged. You can then restart the growing process. Please note, a second and third flush can take 2 or so weeks before you start to see pins.

  • This is very common and normal, do not worry!

  • This is a sign of mold :( Please dispose of the block.

  • The substrate itself has to be packed in special food-grade plastic bags to grow the mushrooms.  Not only does this material stay stable at extremely high temperatures / environments (nothing at all like what they're exposed to at Smallhold), there's significant research that it doesn't leach into any of our products.  

    We're a small farm, so we haven't been able to do the tests ourselves, but a vast majority of commercial specialty mushroom farmers use this material in their process, so we're not alone.  If you ever buy an oyster mushroom in the grocery store, no matter how big or small the farmer is, it's probably grown with this material.  We have had 3rd party certifiers go through our whole operation to make sure we're growing the safest product possible for our customers. We are working on innovations to get rid of this plastic and  plastics in our operation in general.  

  • Freshly harvested mushrooms are best stored in a brown paper bag in the fridge for up to 7 days. Make sure they are dry and don’t have any substrate on them.

  • Pasta, omelets, quiche, soup, sauce, tacos, risotto, pizza… the options are endless. We have some tasty ideas at smallhold.com/recipes as well as in our cookbook.


  • As we are a small team, please allow 2-3 weeks (upon placing your order) for your order to ship.

  • We only ship within the continental United States. No PO Boxes please!

  • Our blocks are safe to travel, however, if you will not be home to receive your kit, make sure it does not sit outside in extremely hot or cold temperatures. The kit should be opened right away, or placed in the fridge for up to three weeks.

Returns & Refunds

  • We are always available to answer any questions you may have at mushroomhelp@smallhold.com. As this is an agricultural product, and mushrooms are very sensitive to their environment, we cannot guarantee 100% mushroom yield.

  • We are not able to accept returns at this time.