Just got one of our grow kits? Follow the instructions below to get your mushroom grow kit started!

Step 1

Use a sharp, clean knife to cut two “X” marks into your block (one on each side of the block). It’s ok if you cut into the substrate a bit. For Oyster blocks, each "X" should be 2" x 2" and for Lion's Mane, each "X" should be 1" x 1". Then, gather the excess plastic at the top of the bag and secure it with a rubberband. It’s like a little ponytail for your block! The goal is to get the plastic nice and tight against the block.

Step 2

Give your block a name! This is Gus. Fun Gus. Place your block somewhere room temperature, out of direct sunlight, and with good airflow. Mushrooms love to sit near house plants! And if you have a humidifier, they like to be near those too. If you have additional questions as you start the growing process, check out our FAQ.

Step 3

Use a spray bottle filled with 1/8 cup of water to mist your block in and around the "X" cuts 2-3x per day until little mushroom pins start to form. You can spray the pins directly, but once they start to get larger you’ll want to start misting less directly. The goal is to create a humid climate around the mushrooms. If your space is on the drier side, you may need to increase the amount of water/number of times per day you mist.

Step 4

When they look ready to harvest (around 7-9 days) gently pull and twist the base of the mushrooms until they pop off. Please note, there may be variations in the shape and color of your mushrooms. If you have questions or just want reassurance that your mushrooms look ok, feel free to reach out to us at

Additional instructions:

One wave of mushrooms grown from your kit is called a flush. You can get up to 2 flushes from the Lion’s Mane and up to 3 from the Blue Oyster Blocks. Multiple flushes are common but not guaranteed. Growing results vary based on the environment the mushrooms are grown in.

Additional flush instructions:

Pick away any remaining mushroom material (any brown/white remnants left behind from your first flush) at the cut sites.

Rehydrate your block by soaking it (with the bag still on) for 1-2 hours in water.

Mist heavily 2-3x per day.

You’ll see new pins form within 7-11 days.