Grow where you are.

Locally grown, everywhere

When did everywhere become “local?” Most mushrooms travel thousands of miles before they hit your dinner plate. We set out to change that by opening state-of-the-art farms in community hubs across the country. These high-yield, low-carbon-footprint facilities are all digitally connected by the latest in mushroom-supporting, climate-controlling technology (known as FarmLinc), ensuring ideal growing conditions anywhere and everywhere.


Brooklyn, New York

Our very first farm–and the only Certified Organic mushroom farm in New York City.

It started with a simple question: “Think we can grow a few oysters in this shipping container?” It didn’t take long for that idea to germinate, and soon enough we figured out how to make our mushroom farm take root and grow our very own mycelial web.

Coming in a whopping 5,000 sq ft, this small but mighty farm grows a shocking amount of mushrooms right in the heart of Brooklyn.

Los Angeles, California

Our biggest and most advanced farm can be found just south of Downtown Los Angeles. The first-ever Certified Organic mushroom farm in LA county, the farm ensures maximum efficiency of water and energy usage, is run by an incredible team who is always paid above a living wage, and composts 100% of spent mushroom substrate.

Austin, Texas

The first Texas Macro is home to our R&D lab, where we experiment with new varietals, as well as cutting and cultivation methods that may result in a better yields and consistency.

A little further south lies our Buda macrofarm, home to two giant, warehouses-turned-mushroom-farms where we've scaled up our growing operations. Everything's bigger in Texas.


Small farms, big impact

Smallhold really got started with our minifarms. These climate-controlled, free-standing units produce around 60 lbs/week, and seamlessly fit into grocery stores, restaurants, and more. Getting our farm fresh mushrooms can be as easy as sliding the glass door and harvesting.

If you think your business might be a good place for our next Minifarm, drop us a line and we'll get you all the info, tools, and tech needed to start growing mushrooms in no time.

  • Central Market

    Ten minifarms are growing mushrooms onsite in Central Market stores across Texas. We're so proud to partner with these grocery legends.

  • The Standard Hotel

    An automated, custom Minifarm above the bar at Standard Hotel’s East Village cafe.

  • L.E.S. Girls Club

    Educational installation at a local non-profit. Mushroom harvests are shared with the local community on a weekly basis.

Whole Foods Market Gowanus

Growing high quality mushrooms behind the butcher counter in one of the busiest grocery stores in the country.